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JOELTLE515 at aol.com JOELTLE515 at aol.com
Tue Jun 8 19:32:52 CDT 2004

y know, I really hate rock songs in commercials. I used to like "bargain", 
now I can't face up to hearing it cause when I do, I think of a commercial that 
used to play almost constantly. 

what has happened to our beloved rock n' roll? it used to mean something, and 
I guess it still does, but if more bands start selling their songs to 
commercials, it will all crumble to ashes. I think it was the guy from Jane's 
addiction who said, "how much more money does Led zeppelin need?" (referring to their 
song "rock n' roll" being in a car commercial, although they made a vow years 
ago to never put any of their songs in those kind of things).  some artists 
thankfully are still not giving into commercial interests. I heard some car 
company wanted "born in the USA" but springsteen didn't (might I remind you that 
his tickets are up to $79 and still he was the biggest draw last year?) 

ah well. i'm sorry if i'm still young and i'm sorry rock n' roll can still 
mean as much as it did "way back when" and i'm sorry some of our "legends" are 
giving into commercial interests all for the sake of making more money than 
they already have. hell, since politics makes this list good (as someone pointed 
out): i'm sorry that after over 800 soldiers and over a thousand iraqi 
civilians have been killed, the UN NOW wants to hand over power to the iraqis, and 
i'm sorry bush didn't kneel when he met the pope and i'm sorry bush had a 
military aide about 8 feet away while meeting the pope carrying a black box 
containing codes to start a nuclear war... and i'm sorry people are praising reagan 
even though he sent contras to nicaragua to kill everyone down there because 
they were "a threat" and i'm sorry he didn't believe in the equal rights 
ammendment when he took office... 

do your research.     think, it's patriotic. 

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