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Anna Mormack carrieanne79 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 19:20:44 CDT 2004

Mark wrote:

<<God tends for some people to mean the Christian God.
Whereas for Townshend I imagine (having been exposed
to more than one religion) it would be a more
universal concept, not tied to a single religion.
Claiming God for their own is a Xtian arrogance.>>

I agree completely.  Ever since I read a very
beautiful and moving book about the life of Krishna
two years ago, I've only been even more confirmed that
all religions are just different pathways to the same
supreme force.  During the beautiful sermon Krishna
delivers to his best friend Arjuna before the 18-day
war the Mahabharata, the sermon which has come to be
known as the Bhagavad Gita, or the Song of God, he
says that he has many names and faces to many
different people.  And none of those names and images
are wrong, so long as the person has a pure, sincere,
and devout heart.  Whether your image of the Divine is
Jesus, Goddess, the traditional concept of God, the
Tao, Great Spirit, Krishna, a special rock, kami,
other deities, even something large and abstract like
Nature or Science, it's still leading up the same
Divine force.  Krishna said that however you see him,
need him, want him, visualise him, is how he shall
come to you.

I'm not Hindu myself, though I am still influenced by
certain of its precepts (as well as by some aspects of
Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism, and Wicca), but it's a
really beautiful universal concept of the Divine.  If
God himself, in one of his human avatars (taken on not
to save the world or to redeem people from sinning but
rather to help people at certain moments when the
balance of evil in the world is upsetting the balance
of  good; in his earlier avatars Vishnu took on animal
avatars), can say that no religion is wrong so long as
the practitioner has an open and pure heart, since it
all leads up to the same Divine, then why can't
ordinary human beings be so open and tolerant about
other belief systems?  (Perhaps my not having been
raised with any religion and left to pick my own has
made me so open and tolerant of other belief systems,
not having grown up with any one pushed on me as the truth.)

Anna U. Mormack
"A stone is not a human being, and even stones get crushed."—Aleksandr Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn 

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