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> >It makes you wonder what the marketing guys at HP were smoking 
> >before they made that call.
> Something good, 'cause it makes darn good sense.
> And, it's the coolest commercial out there.
> But, I still cringe.
> Sacrilege!  ;-)

Small world- my brother lives in Los Angeles and is a writer/producer and 
occasional actor on MAD-TV and happens to be friends with the guy who has the 
lead role in the commercial.  I wonder if Pete put together that version of the 
Baba intro or if HP's ad people did their own?  As for my bro, if you are a 
watcher of MAD-TV, he plays a new character called "Choppy," an annoying little 
dude who butts into everyone's business and makes little sense... hmmm, I 
wonder who his inspiration could have been?  In all seriousness, some of the goofy 
noises Choppy makes are the same ones my bro and I made when we joking around 
as kids.

Mc- "The Inspiration"

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