Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Jun 8 18:38:36 CDT 2004

> I know you don't like the terminology, Schrade, but translate the buzz of a 
> who concert and the addiction Tom's talking about into science for me.

OK, but then I want you to tell me the spiritual aspects of the human digestive
system.  ;-)

Just because something gives you good feelings doesn't mean other worldly
processes are taking place.  Do mood altering drugs like Prozac, pot, acid,
etc. work on a spiritual, other worldly level?  Or do they work on an under-
standable biological level?

And why is "the buzz" - that purportedly unknowable response - only re-
ferred to in reference to *good* feelings, like Who concerts?  No one 
speaks of intangibles when it comes to bad behavior, like genocide or
rape.  Is that why the Devil was invented?  To cover that aspect of evil?

> Okay?  Scientific language and scientific study aren't going to give you any 
> more information about it.  So far science can tell you what area of the 
> brain lights up, but not what's happening inside the human person.  You just 
> need a different vocabulary to talk about that.

*You* need a different vocabulary because you haven't read enough about 
the complexities of the human brain.  You throw your hands up in the air
& exclaim it's unknowable by science.  But is it?  Or is it just less exciting
knowing that the brain is simply tissue, neurons, chemicals, etc.?

Sounds less interesting only if you fail to have a complete knowledge &
understanding of how the human brain operates.  There are books on the
subject.  Reality can be quite exhilarating.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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