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It seems to be the basis for Eastern religious thought, which 
says you have find the path to God (or oneness with the universe) yourself.

This is interesting to say the least. I mean, more interesting than beating 
to death why Pino isn't turning up his volume. (at least to me it is).

My prayer as a young man went like this: "God, I am confused. I hear people 
fighting all the time about you. Whoever You are, I want to meet you. Who Are 
You? If you are real, You'll let me know.  I don't want to be right.  I don't 
want to control anyone. But I don't want to miss out on anything either.  
Whoever you are is good enough for me. You know where I am."

Shortly thereafter I read a book called The All Inclusive Christ by a man 
named Witness Lee. It was an epiphany that hasn't stopped to this day. What I 
learned in this book is that God is not out to take away our things. His goal is 
to give us all things. The main thing being *Himself*. He Himself is what we 
were created to contain.  Since He is Spiritual, He created many *many* 
physical things for us to see what He is to us spiritually in order that we could 
understand how critical it is for us to have Him as our reality within. I found 
out that the physical realm is merely a "picture" of the reality, which is the 
spiritual realm. As fascinating as the physical universe is, there is another 
universe unseen to the physical senses that is even more so. However, it CAN 
be seen by our human spirit.  Let me assure you. This is what every human has 
and is what makes us different from other animals. Every human society has this 
distinct trait; the need to worship something. Even if it is The Who. We were 
created this way.

Do you need food?  Jesus is the real food to nourish our inner being. He said 
He is a loaf of bread. The bread of Life. Do you need water? He said that He 
is the river of water of life that will never run out.  Do you need air?  
After resurrection, the first thing Jesus did was to breathe into the disciples 
the "breath of Life." Now that the sins were paid for, He could accomplish His 
original purpose, which is to live in man and be his everything. 

When I hear Pete ask important searching questions and cry out, I just cannot 
sit idly by and "be good." When I had my life-changing discovery, the first 
person I remembered was Pete Townshend. 

"Can you help the one you really love?" No, Pete. I can't. But I know Someone 
who can. I saw Him do it many times. 

"Won't somebody tell me!" I know at least something about the way out Pete. I 
really do. It isn't left to some rhetorical thoughts. It reached me. It hit 
me like a meteor. Is that arrogant? Maybe. But is it arrogant to say that the 
sun is hot?  It just is. I know, because I felt it's warmth. I would be a 
chicken and a liar to say otherwise in the face of those that have never felt the 
sun or received it's benefit. We may read about the sun in books, but there is 
no comparison to going outside and enjoying it. When "the bible tells me so" 
becomes "my experience tells me so," I like to be a trouble maker and tell 
others about it. Not in order to be right or to control others, but to see them 
become crazy drunk on the new wine like I have been for the past 22 years since 
my little prayer was answered so emphatically. 

I didn't hear any of this in the Protestant denomination my step mom went to 
or in the catholic church I attended with my dad. I found out from some 
brilliant/open Chinese minds that read the bible without preconceptions laden by 
western culture.

Sorry so long!

Jon in Mi.

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