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Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Tue Jun 8 17:39:13 CDT 2004

> I put questions marks because they are questions.  I don't know the details 
> about being Athiest.  That is why I asked questions.  I thought you'd see the 
> question mark and  know it is a question.  Please don't see anything I said as 
> judgment or anything.  I was sincerely trying to see how you could interpret 
> the song as being about an athiest man "seeking". 

Sorry, Jo.  You know I get all worked up!  ;-)

> Now your putting words in MY mouth.  

I know!  I'm such an f-ing hypocrite sometimes!  I admit it.

> In the lyric, "I got values but I don't know how or why", he is wondering  
> how those values got there.  That shouldn't be interpreted to mean that if you 
> don't believe in God, you don't have values and I that isn't what I was trying 
> to say at all. 

OK, but I've heard that argument before:  Without religion there would be no
morality, etc.  That's why I said that that line, "I got values.....," could be the
strongest evidence that the song is about a higher power, a deity.  A lot of 
people feel that morality is strictly a phenomenon of religion.

Interestingly, some evolutionary theorists surmise that morality may have begun
when humans were first traveling & living in small hunter/gatherer groups.  
Killing a member of your group *harms* your group.  Less people for food-
gathering, less people for child-rearing, less people for protection from *other*
groups.  Perhaps that's where "morality" comes from. 

> Interesting.  An athiest witnessing to me! 

Ain't it funny how we all seem to look the same?  ;-)

> Scott, you points are not wasted on me. I'd say you've been receiving some 
> Christian teachings recently.  Awesome.

Well, I was raised a strict Protestant.  Church three times a week, baptism,
the Bible, church-related activities, speaking in tongues, laying on of hands,
etc.  The whole works.  From a baby up until I was about 17.  I've seen it

But you're right, I have been learning more about religion & the Bible recent-
ly.  Two great books I'm currently reading are:

TREATISE ON THE GODS by H.L. Mencken, and....

If I'm gonna talk shit, I feel I'd better be able to back it up.  ;-)

Back to "The Seeker:"  We haven't really looked at these lines:

I'm looking for me / You're looking for you
We're looking at each other / And we don't know what to do

I think this even lends more support to your religious interpretation.  I believe
Pete might be saying that people aren't gonna find the answers from other
people - even people who are seekers themselves.  The answers will come
from someone "higher."

But!  Why then did he trust Meher Baba?  Who was, obviously, only a human,
& another seeker.

And!  Pete says, "I'm looking for me."  We haven't touched on this.  This can
be interpreted several ways:  I'm trying to "discover" who I am.  (A somewhat
selfish view devoid of religious connotations.)  Or, I'm trying to discover my
place in God's world, my relationship with God (or the "higher power").  Or,
I'm trying to discover if *there is* a higher power.

Phew!  Deep stuff!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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