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Tue Jun 8 16:25:10 CDT 2004

>>My spiritual awareness is stronger because it's based on reality, not 

>I wouldn't question the awe, wonder and connection with the universe that
you experienced, but I wouldn't call that spirituality.  Spirituality is the
contemplation of things supernatural and devine.  If you believe those
things to be fantasy, then you can not be spiritual.  I'm not saying your
experiences and contemplations are any less valid, just so different that
they can not be described by the same word.

Ummm.  I dunno, but I think I have to agree with Scott on this one.  That 
initial awe of the universe seems to be the basis of all spirituality, as 
animistic religions/systerms/worldviews say about the same thing Scott has.  
It's just that human beings then try to explain their reasons for that 
feeling by developing the notion of a "spirit" that resides within each 
animal or each tree that makes it alive and wonderful.

Probably the animistic religion best known to Americans is that of the 
Native Americans, who have such respect for the elements of nature, and who 
talk about deer spirits and tree spirits, etc.  Another animistic religion 
is Shinto, where the spirits are called kami.  I really like this notion of 
God, myself.  It seems to be the basis for Eastern religious thought, which 
says you have find the path to God (or oneness with the universe) yourself.


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