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Tue Jun 8 10:15:25 CDT 2004

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"
> I need more proof than some 2000-year-old fables.

Like the fifty million fables the Seeker is trying to find the key to?  I
think that's exactly what he's seeking.  The truths of the fables that
pervade human history across all nations, cultures and religions.  Are we
discussing whether those beliefs are correct or whether Pete's work refers
to them?  It's the latter, right?

> There's no resolution in the song.  He never shouts out, "God is the
> He just goes on seeking, believing that he won't get what he's after until
> dead; which may or may not be interpreted as him finding the Lord.

But, does finding God give us all the answers?  I don't think so.  I think
plenty of people who believe in God are still searching for understanding.
Hell (oops), people spend their entire lives doing that.  Theologians, not
just scientists.  You just think they're wasting their time looking where
they're looking.  That's fine.  I honestly can't decide, myself.

> And I have trouble with that interpretation because:
> A. Saved Christians should've already found the Lord *before* they died,

Right.  Believing in God doesn't mean you have all the answers. Believing
*can* make you ask more questions.  Not every atheist is as contemplative as
you are.

> B. If he knows he'll get the answers when he dies then why go on seeking?

Why try to look for your presents before Christmas?

> > Atheist = non-spiritual??
> Nope.  Wrong again.  I went to Yellowstone last year & had plenty of
> moments out there in all that raw nature.  Don't call me non-spiritual.
> is, I didn't credit the beauty I saw to an invisible man.  I gave credit
where credit
> was due:  Mother Earth.  Nature.  The Universe.  I don't need make-believe
> stories to appreciate things & feel connected to them.  My spiritual
> is stronger because it's based on reality, not fantasy.

I wouldn't question the awe, wonder and connection with the universe that
you experienced, but I wouldn't call that spirituality.  Spirituality is the
contemplation of things supernatural and devine.  If you believe those
things to be fantasy, then you can not be spiritual.  I'm not saying your
experiences and contemplations are any less valid, just so different that
they can not be described by the same word.

> That's what leads me to believe the song is more about man than God.  More
> about seeking than knowing.  I think that's the message Pete was trying to
> vey in "The Seeker."  Not, "I found God!" but instead, "I want to know!"
> Again, the song is about man, not God.

What is God without man?  Who would be there to seek him?  Yes, the Seeker
is seeking truth, knowledge, but he seems to be a spiritual person who
believes in God.  Isn't that how you'd describe Pete?  Haven't you expressed
pity for him because you can see that in him?

Jim M

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