Selling out.....on Pino?

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Tue Jun 8 08:33:55 CDT 2004

> of The Who we see an example of that. The name, as
> we know, was inspired in a tv serie, Dr.Who,


I've never heard that. It's my understanding that
names were bandied around, one of which was "Hair And
The Who." Supposedly by Richard Barnes. The next
morning, someone said "It's The Who, innit?"

> individualized souls (compared to 
> drops or bubbles within the Ocean)

And "sparks from the wheel," which is where the song
title Sparks came from.

> Wasn't "MG" still a concert staple for The Who in
> the Seventies?


They played it every time I saw them, but to check you
can see many playlists here:

>Mark L. was right:  It's become a non-issue.


Yeah. And aren't you glad?

> By all accounts the Shepperton concert was pretty
spotty so I doubt very much that they will release
this show in its entirety.

I'd heard it wasn't a complete show, and that the WGFA
was the second attempted...because the first wasn't
very good. It may be that only a few songs were done.
Although I wouldn't mind seeing it anyway. How about
the concert at Pontiac, where they got Join
Together/Roadrunner/MY Blues? That must be a complete

> You said it's obvious he's seeking God!  Spiritual
> fulfillment!  So, which is it?

There may be a distinction. God tends for some people
to mean the Christian God. Whereas for Townshend I
imagine (having been exposed to more than one
religion) it would be a more universal concept, not
tied to a single religion. Claiming God for their own
is a Xtian arrogance.

> I need real evidence.

You mean "real good looking" evidence?

> There's no resolution in the song.

To be fair, there's more often no resolution to Pete's
stories. Tommy and Quad both end without an end...and
isn't that what life is, really? A story with no end?
At least, when it ends we are no longer concerned with

> You've covered this pretty well on moral grounds,
> Mark, but how would you 
> justify it as a good business strategy?


It's not good business to lower the quality of your

> But, things have clearly changed.
> Before John's death, it was The Who.  A living,
> breathing band.  A unit.
> Now, however, it is not.


YES! You have SEEN the LIGHT! Hallelujah!

Pass the collection plate.

> And, really WHY NOT???

Because it's making those in the spotlight look like
moneymongers instead of artists.

> I can completely understand Pete wanting to simply
> be on stage with people he is comfortable with,

He's played with Tony Butler before. You've seen him
doing it, on the Let My Love Open The Door video.

"Facts are stupid things."
  Ronald "I funded Laden and Saddam" Reagan

Cheers         ML

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