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Mon Jun 7 23:57:32 CDT 2004

Repost from Relayers:


Pretty explosive performance, actually! Pete did allude to 'driving
into Birmingham in the old days', one of the best, and longest shows
ever seen by either of us was Stepmothers, at the Belfry, just a few
weeks before the 1970 IOW, where they were trying out newly written
material in addition to the normal show.

Pete's performance was absolutely outstanding, he was pointing the
neck of the Strat, and bobbing in low towards Zak's kit at regular
intervals, just as he did with Keith when the (positive) mood took

Roger did quite a few twirls with the mic, and played guitar quite
well on NE, if he is having problems with his shoulder, nobody in
the audience would have noticed, even the originally trained
doctors/medics amongst us! Roger informed us just beforehand that
his 'missus says they all go out to the toilet when we play these
slow ones)!
Pete: 'Well if there is one thing your missus cannot do, it's count!
There are at least 5000 people out there who clearly have NOT gone
to the toilet, Rog'
RD 'Well we all have to go sometime'
PT 'Are you sure she isn't counting two of you?'
RD 'She's probably counting four of me, actually....'

Pete solo on Drowned brought a huge cheer, it was loud, every stroke
of his celebrated overstrumming technique seemed to involve actual
string content. PMTG was also one of many very high points.

A Pop Vox independent view:
Heard on the way out, from a lady with a very wide Brummie accent,
(and we were born in, and very near the area, respectively, so we
know one when we hear one), 'All these so called top guitarists come
here and think they can play, but none of them come anywhere close
to that Pete Townshend, I've never heard anyone make a guitar sound
that good'!

More details later,

Cardiff up next, and IOW shortly after that.


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