On the Job with Pete

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 7 23:15:42 CDT 2004

>Scott, you points are not wasted on me. I'd say you've been receiving some
Christian teachings recently.  Awesome.

Wait!  Stay calm!!!  Everybody sit down!!!  (Did I say that right, Scott?)

Everyone in the dicussion is right from their own point of view, and it's 
durn upsetting for this to come up every time we try to discuss Pete's 
spirituality.  I enjoy Tom's posts and I always think it's an interesting 

It sounds like Scott has had some prior run-ins with very evangelical and 
authoritarian Christians who are about control rather than spiritual 
matters.  I agree with Scott that some Christians (and Christian churches) 
are insufferable.  This is also a common failing in other religions than 

Also, I agree with Jon and Jo that if you strip away the religious trappings 
and look at the basic message, it's a very good one.  It seems that most 
religions start with a lovely spiritual message which is then spoiled by 
human interactions--which explains why so many Americans no longer attend 
church, but (like Pete) look for a spiritual source somewhere else.

As Tom has said, everyone's relationship with God (or the Universe) is 
personal, and we frame our thoughts and discussion in our own personal ways. 
  Let's just please look for meaning instead of  challenges.  Okay?

Thank you all.  :)


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