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Mon Jun 7 22:43:44 CDT 2004

>What I am trying to say is that The Who is much more than a simple rock
band. It's too much, it's a magic bus (another synchrony?!). Pete has said
in an interview that The Who evolve from ridiculous to sublime in a flash
(or something like that) and I think that quote resumes the whole thing.
>From a group of art-rock launched singles one after one with themes like
confusion, inarticulateness, onanism, rebellion, creepy-crawlies,
generational anger, enforced androgyny (I Can't Explain, The Kids Are
Alright, My Generation, I'm a Boy, Pictures of Lilly, Anyway anyhow
anywhere, Boris The Spider, The Magic Bus, Substitute, Happy Jack, I Can See
For Miles) to a supergroup of arena-rock, yelling to the masses in a
collective search for enlightenment, The Who became greater than themselves.
They became legendary. Tommy were the mutation point. They were transformed
by the blind, deaf and dumb kid and his unexpected success. Tommy has many
synchronies with his creator (PT and The Who). How could be that ridiculous
boy can turn in a kind of Messiah by his mastership with pinball? How could
be that ridiculous band can turn in a kind of Messiah by his mastership with
rock'n'roll? But it does, and that is the grace underneath the joke.

Universal truth.

>The Who is, afterall, God's tool, but not a God of anger and vengeance, but 
>One of
laugh and joy. And our relationship with God is always personal, what means
that only you can answer your own questions, if you like do that. Or not.
It's all about you. To invent, imagine, dream, pray, deny, dance, drink beer
or meet friends at concert, it's all about you and your own taste and

Out of this list, I'll choose the "invent, imagine and dream."  I love that 
"what if" game of possibilities.  I saved the email you posted once before, 
Tom, about Pete's wanting to change the world's dreams.  Enough people 
wanting something can bend the fabric of reality.


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