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>You said it's obvious he's seeking God!  Spiritual fulfillment!  So, which 
is it?
>Vague or obvious?

When I read your post and looked way past the song's title and really read 
the lyrics, I realized it wasn't so obvious.  

I said:

> He does mention that it is something he won't get until the day he dies.  
> what is that?  For a Christian, that is heaven.........for an atheist, is 
> it..............nothing? stillness?  blackness?  No after life?  Why would 
Pete be 
> yearning for that?  

You said:

>>I never said that!  I never said Pete was yearning for nothingness!  Your
comment cloaks your original intention which was to ask, "Why would an
atheist yearn for nothingness?"

If you have a question, ask me.  Don't put words in *my mouth* either.

I put questions marks because they are questions.  I don't know the details 
about being Athiest.  That is why I asked questions.  I thought you'd see the 
question mark and  know it is a question.  Please don't see anything I said as 
judgment or anything.  I was sincerely trying to see how you could interpret 
the song as being about an athiest man "seeking".  But, no judgment coming from 
me.  I'm a piece of shit.

>>Fine.  Just don't try to pigeonhole Pete as some kind of Christian rock
artist, cause he's not.

Now your putting words in MY mouth.  You mentioned why Pete wasn't on 
Christian radio stations.   

I tried to explain that Pete, or anyone else, can believe in God and NOT be 
Christian.  I never said if Pete believed in God then he must be Christian.  

However, when I quoted my newest favorite Pete Lyric............"God gave 
Him** a face, and He gave me something above.......God gave me grace, and He gave 
me sweet, sweet love", it could be interpreted that that Him** is referring 
to Jesus, which could mean Christian beliefs, but not likely if Pete is still 
following the teachings of Maher Baba.

>> Don't call me non-spiritual

I didn't.  Again, question mark means asking a question.  Does athiest = 
non-spiritual?  I don't know.  Does athiest = tortuous seeker?  Again, I don't 
know. etc.  I am not implying you or Pete are those things. 

>>Well, I'm the proof that that type of reasoning is incorrect.  I'm an 
atheist & 
I have no desire to kill anyone at all.  I have no desire to rape.  I have no 
to steal.  I have no desire to cheat on my taxes.

Scott, I am not judging you.  I don't believe that athiest = murder or 

In the lyric, "I got values but I don't know how or why", he is wondering  
how those values got there.  That shouldn't be interpreted to mean that if you 
don't believe in God, you don't have values and I that isn't what I was trying 
to say at all.  Again, question mark denotes question.  By stating it as a 
question, I was trying to point out also that I didn't think that way.  If I did, 
I wouldn't use a ??

>>You have a very secular view of what it takes to be Christian, I'm afraid.  
works for you because it isn't very intrusive.  However, the people who 
the religion you claim to believe in would, I think, demand a little more 
from you
than just accepting Jesus as the Son of God.  You gotta turn your whole life
over to him, girlfriend.

Interesting.  An athiest witnessing to me!  

When I said that being a Christian meant believing Jesus is the son of God, I 
was seriously paraphrasing.  I read the bible.  I know what I believe.  I 
oversimplified it in order to not waste bandwidth.  I couldn't do justice to 
telling you what I have been taught as to what a Christian is.  This list isn't 
the place.  But, if you want to know how I describe what being a Christian is, 
pick up a bible and read The First Epistle of John.

 >>And worshipping that sinner Pete Townshend better
be the first thing to go.  You can't have it both ways.  God doesn't have any
Who posters hanging up in Heaven.

Wow, you think you really know me and my priorities?  You don't.  But, your 
point is correct.  Don't worship false idols.  Don't worship any idols.  Don't 
put anyone before God.  That is what I believe.  But, I do love to listen to 
rock music, and I do call myself a Who fan.  But, I am a God fan first and 

Scott, you points are not wasted on me. I'd say you've been receiving some 
Christian teachings recently.  Awesome.


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