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>Subject: Selling Out....More Complaining
>But Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry have gone too far now, selling an 
>instrumental-only version of their classic anthem "Baba O'Reilly" 

Hmmm, wasn't it your very own Cousle Kevin who said this just a few weeks ago?
You know, that guy with his finger on the pulse of Who reaction and emotion?  ;-)

>(commonly referred to as "Teenage Wasteland") to Hewlett Packard.

BUT!  I've been thinking about this commercial since I first posted about it.
And, I actually disagree with what the author has written here.  If you're going to use the intro. to Baba, then I can't think of another product that would make more sense than a computer company.  Hell, it's all about Lifehouse and The Grid.  I've actually been surprised that it's taken this long for The Who to break into the computer field. 
Well, I guess with that Vegas show on PAX several years ago, they kind of got close...but...

>It makes you wonder what the marketing guys at HP were smoking 
>before they made that call.
Something good, 'cause it makes darn good sense.
And, it's the coolest commercial out there.
But, I still cringe.
Sacrilege!  ;-)

>Like the "constant reunion tours" & the "Pete is gay" deal, the RGLB
>song title has simply been reduced to the "snicker category."  This is 
>no social crisis.

The Who as an enormously large "snicker category."



>- SCHRADE in Akron
>(Currently enjoying season one of Northern Exposure on DVD)

That moose in the opening segment is from VT.

>> I think Alan has a point to consider regarding sharing the spotlight. 
>Well, then why is Pete even touring with The Who?

You mean Roger?  ;-)

>If he's so unhappy
>sharing the spotlight, why is he out on the road with Roger Daltrey?

Let me explain.
I don't believe Pete has a problem sharing the spotlight with Roger.
I do believe he feels good about that.

>Why isn't he touring on his own?  As a solo artist?

He knows he can achieve much more with Roger and Who2.

But, things have clearly changed.
Before John's death, it was The Who.  A living, breathing band.  A unit.
Now, however, it is not.
It is clearly the Pete and Roger show with support.
Those are Pete's words.
Look at his diary entry where he first mentions WHO2.
He literally states that band that "supports Roger and me."
Pino is pulled back from the spotlight.
So, while I don't believe that Pete is after all the attention for himself (as it sounds perhaps that Alan does), I do believe that he wants to keep the focus on him and Roger.

And, really WHY NOT???
At this point in their career, I can't blame them.
This is the last hurrah folks.  Unless their new album transcends humanity and creates a force of unity in the world that creates a large Who-uproar and thus demands continued Who-work (hey, I can dream with the best of 'em), this is probably the last stand.
I can completely understand Pete wanting to simply be on stage with people he is comfortable with, and keeping the focus on him and Roger for the remainder of their time together.
Ya can't blame them.
Take a look at that RGLB video.
I don't see any clips of Zak.
I don't see any clips of Pino.
I don't see any clips of Simon.
And, no clips of Rabbit.
Pete and Roger have been through too much, and have traveled too far to hand over even part of the Who mantle to anyone at this point.
Again, you can't blame them.

>I think Pete sees himself as the life-giver (money-giver, really) for his 


>But, ironically, he's finding out that he actually 
>*enjoys* his role in the band, as well as performing on stage with them.

I think he's really enjoying it too.
I do believe he'd enjoy it much more with John there.  Pete has much anger in that direction.
Obviously Pete misses John, but he also knows John's death in a sense killed the momentum and potential for the future of The Who.
Pino allows them to carry on in a way.  But, it's no where even near the same of what it was or was headed for.

>In Pino's case I think loyalty has a lot to do with it.  With Simon Town-
>shend, it's *family* loyalty. 

Which, is why I have this part of me that thinks Pete would actually share the spot light with Simon on bass.  
Family loyalty is much stronger than professional loyalty.
"Hey, that's my little brother!  Taught him everything he knows!"
Think of brothers dueling on stage (Bass vs. guitar).
But, again, can Simon really play a mean bass?
Pete can play bass, but I can't say he can play a "mean" bass.

>Roger is Roger, & I think Pete knows &
>accepts that he will forever be linked with this not-so-similar person he 
>met as a teenager; they're linked by common history; veterans of the
>same war.

Ironic, isn't it?
It's funny how that happens.
Stu and I used to fight like cats and dogs when we were kids (not all the time, mind you, but on occasion.).  Now look at us.
(that's really not a fair comparison, since Stu and I were like brothers growing up, get what I'm saying...)

>Pete is the Field Commander of this unit. 

Roger is the infantry man.

Kevin in VT

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