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Sun Jun 6 23:12:44 CDT 2004

>I don't know, but my relationship with The Who is very strange. I wonder
sometimes why I like that sound too much, like an addicted and his strong
vice. How many versions of Magic Bus and Won't Get Fooled Again I collected
and heard zillion times? How can it be like that? Am I some kind of crazy
demented? The sound caught you and you can escape no more, like a spell. Or
a curse. If I am now like a seeker, if I think about God all the time, and
read as many books I can get, all about spirituality, what part of that is
related with The Who? If I am now waiting for a time change, a new Aquarian
age, new foundations for the awakening of a decadent humanity, what is
because of my favorite rock band? Well, I can tell only from myself, in a
particular and personal point of view, but the answer is that all in my life
is related to The Who. And you, keets, what you can tell about it?

I'm afraid I don't understand the question this time, Tom.  About what?

We can discuss The Who's message, which (as I've said) seems to touch the 
fans on that archetypal level.  We can talk about the elements of addiction 
a la "The True Believer."  We can talk about the spiritual insights that 
some fans take away from the music.  I don't really think any Who fans are 
really expecting Pete to usher them into the Age of Aquarius--The Who never 
quite subscribed to that philosophy, though Pete had his own brand of 

Are you asking me about my personal reactions to The Who and what I'm doing 
here?  That's a complex issue, as it must be for everyone.  I post about it 
all the time, though I'm not going to put it all in one place for people to 
read.  Not only would it be tough to condense, but I think it would be too 
revealing of me.  ;)

Or, are you just asking if I can answer my own questions?


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