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Sun Jun 6 22:15:51 CDT 2004

>>Occam's Razor says the answer is because Richard Barnes provided everyone 
>>with some really good pot that night.  So good that even Daltrey blew a 
>>"J" with the boys.

Nabokov and Occam's Razor:  And what is "fancy" other than unnecessary 
assumptions?  You have to make lots of them to come up with ideas, which is 
the mark of genius over ordinary researcher.  It's only when you design your 
model that you need to cut down on the assumptions in order to have a valid 

Interestingly, within these archetypes is where I think Pete and Roger DO 
communicate.  Roger deals in universal truths, too.  It's just harder for 
him to frame them into words.  This is the level on which magic happens.  
Really.  When the fans feel it at a concert, this is where it's happening.

I know you don't llike the terminology, Schrade, but translate the buzz of a 
who concert and the addiction Tom's talking about into science for me.  
Okay?  Scientific language and scientific study aren't going to give you any 
more information about it.  So far science can tell you what area of the 
brain lights up, but not what's happening inside the human person.  You just 
need a different vocabulary to talk about that.


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