Pete as Field Commander

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Jun 6 21:45:07 CDT 2004

>>Been watching the D-Day celebration on TV a bit?  :)

>Yeah, that & that little Iraq War thingy.

Actually I'm interested to see that Germany is participating in the D-Day 
celebration this time.  Heheh.  Wonder how they justify that one?  They've 
made a statement that the invasion "liberated" them from Nazism, and gone 
right off to join the party.  Aren't people wonderful?  :)

> >Okay, I don't know that this is all about providing money.

>I guess I didn't mean to imply that.  But I do think Pete sees himself as 
enabler, if you will, for the people around him.  Look at how worried he
was about canceling the 2002 tour after John died because of the road
crew & technicians who would've lost all that work & pay.

I'll go for that.  He's *responsible* for all those people because he signed 
contracts that said he and Roger would provide work for them all summer.  
But he's not really responsible for providing any livlihood or artistic 
opportunity for Roger, so that's something they have to work out between 
them.  It does seem they've worked something out that's to their mutual 

>>By now, Roger must have put back plenty of money from the tours, and
>it never did seem he was hurting the way John was.

>True, true.  Pete enables Roger to gain something greater than money.
Roger's in it for the music, not the money.  But he needs Pete with him
in order to get the most out of that music.

It's clear that Roger really admires Pete, and always has, regardless of 
their differences.  Because of the type mind he has, Roger can't write the 
same kind of music Pete can, so he needs Pete to do the seeking for him.  
Still, it's the combined message that produces The Who's music.  The two of 
them produce a more spiritual package than Pete working alone.


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