The Age of Aquarius

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Jun 6 21:22:00 CDT 2004

>I am happy to read these latest posts on the list.  For everything,
there is a time, a place and a reason :)  A few years ago, I watched a
show on PBS on "The Age of Aquarius" and how the 60's kind of happened
too soon.  It was a door that was  cracked, but wasn't opened all the
way into the new age.

You have to admit that for something that only opened a crack, that vision 
of Aquarius achieved a lot of social change.  The world is a lot different 
now than it was in 1955.  Regardless that the flower children got distracted 
by materialism, they started the ball rolling on the global village and a 
long era of peace and prosperity.  I even think their idealism is back in 
style just lately.

>I often think about why I was so blessed as to
be able to travel and hang out with the band back in the 70's and 80's.
Absolutely nothing, makes me feel as happy as when I am at a Who show.
The feeling that Pete and Rog must have knowing that they are
responsible for making so many people "fly so high" must be incredible!

They get to ride the high as well.  Doesn't is sort of feed back?


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