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I'm a seeker.  But I'm also an atheist.  I seek knowledge & truth, not comfort
& salvation.  Give me the cold hard facts & I'll make up my own mind.  So what
if my conclusions don't lead to the warm, comforting, fabled fuzziness of 
religion; again, I'm looking for truth not comfort.

Scott, that's what I like the most about your views. Knowing you a bit 
better, having spent a bit of time with you in person, I understand this about you.  
It's refreshing in a world of self absorbed condescending types.  I mean this.

If there is no knowledge, and no seeking, then how is one to determine 
correctly what the truth might be? I want to hear *all* of the evidence.  I don't 
fear new information, rather I embrace it; to know all sides. I don't want pride 
or blind loyalty to color my views.  But at the same time I do compare what I 
have learned to what I am learning.  So far I haven't seen anything that 
comes close to what has been revealed to me in the hidden depths of the bible.  
When truth becomes my experience and is consistent over a period of decades 
under all manner of circumstances, it is very hard to deny.

>>This is more proof of the pliability & genius of Pete's lyrics.  The 
pleasure &
insight *I* get from Pete may not be the same as what you get.  Who's right?

Right. Pete is artistic and art is open to interpretation. However, he's gone 
through many things that have driven him even to the point of considering 
suicide.  I appreciate his honesty. If one really doesn't know, they shouldn't 
proudly claim to know.  

>>However, one could look at it in another way.  Will Pete get into Heaven if
he has doubts?  If he doesn't have complete faith?  The narrator in the song
freely admits he is still searching.  Asking many people to help shed some
light on the matter.  He's "desperate."

 I would add that the thought of "going to heaven" for eternity didn't 
originate from the bible.  This is a huge misconception and yet another untruth that 
results from people believing in  tradition rather than the facts presented 
in this document from God.  Where in the bible does it say that believers are 
going to spend eternity in a far away place?  (John 14:2 about the many 
"mansions" is a horribly fudged translation in the KJV.  The real Greek word should 
be translated "abodes" and speaks of the believers themselves as the dwelling 
place of God.). When I saw this fact, I started taking a much closer look at 
what the bible actually says. 

Truth is revealed only to those that honestly want to see it. It is lost on 
the passing curious as well as on the prejudiced opposers.

>>Then why isn't Pete's music played on Christian Rock radio stations?  
If it's so obvious, why hasn't there been that crossover?  Why hasn't Pete 
embraced by the majority of religious people?

Probably because he doesn't use God in order to gain some profit and 
notoriety for himself like the Christian rock groups do "in the name of God."  
Christian rock is just another branch in the mutated tree of the giant organization 
called Christianity.  There isn't much seeking there. There is much glory 
seeking though.

To find the truth, one must be open to see the truth when it is presented.  
Sometimes it may take an earthquake to cause one to become open.  Or the death 
of a friend. Or a child porn charge. Whatever it takes is what it takes. This 
is mercy. The God I know is a real person that has a definite goal and is not 
something imagined. The problem/blessing is that we've been given a free will. 
If Pete really is genuine about wanting to know what is real, he will find 
out.  Just like anyone.

Jon in Mi.

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