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<<I guess
you're insinuating the song *must* be about God.  Seeking.  Seeking spiritual
enlightenment.  Seeking a higher power.
 While I was singing the song, I wondered what Pete was writing about, what 
he was seeking for and thought he wouldn't get before he died.  Then I said I 
thought he was singing about salvation.  Just my opinion.  Go on...........

<<Rather than the solution - or, what's being sought - the song is about the 
of seeking.  

That is true.  He is vague about what it is that he is seeking for. I am 
looking for clues myself as a matter of fact.

He does mention that it is something he won't get until the day he dies.  So 
what is that?  For a Christian, that is heaven.........for an atheist, is 
it..............nothing? stillness?  blackness?  No after life?  Why would Pete be 
yearning for that?  Sorry to interrupt....go ahead.

<<Or, is he saying that *final peace* will not be achieved until he's dead, & 
<<tortuous seeking has ended.  Not necessarily *finding* that elusive truth, 
<<free from the worry as to which path is correct.  God may or may not be 
<<at the end to enlighten him.

Being an atheist = tortuous seeking?  Think about it.

Another question that comes to my mind is what he is asking Bobby Dylan, 
Timothy Leary, The Beatles?  They aren't traditionally spiritually people, but I 
do consider them spiritual each in their own way.  

Atheist = non-spiritual??

>>> It is a stretch, to me, that Pete is NOT writing about God, or some sort 
>>> higher being, in his music.  

>Then why isn't Pete's music played on Christian Rock radio stations?  
>If it's so obvious, why hasn't there been that crossover?  Why hasn't Pete 
>embraced by the majority of religious people?

If you listen to "Christian" music, you'll hear why they don't play secular 
music on Christian stations, unless it is advertised as alternative Christian 
music.  Although there are some pretty rocking Christian Bands these days, 
sometimes, THEY don't even get played on Christian radio stations. 

Believing in God does not = being a Christian.  You have to believe in God 
and the son of God, Jesus to be a Christian.  Again, Pete can be singing about 
seeking a higher power without being a Christian.

"I got values that I don't know how or why"

I think that line might be another indication that he is searching for a God 
or higher power.  He is wondering how and why he has the values that he has.  
Doesn't mention if they are good values or bad.  But, that doesn't really 
matter.  He could be searching for a higher meaning or power that gave him the 
values that he has.


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