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Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sun Jun 6 18:16:31 CDT 2004

> 'Splain to me what The Seeker is about.........

I can only explain *my* interpretation, & how the song affects me.  I guess
you're insinuating the song *must* be about God.  Seeking.  Seeking spiritual
enlightenment.  Seeking a higher power.

Maybe that was Pete's intent, but it ain't what the song's about to me.  Where
does Pete mention God in the song?  It's all, "I...., I...., I...., I...."  The song's
about Pete.  A man.  A man who seeks.  

Rather than the solution - or, what's being sought - the song is about the *act*
of seeking.  The mindset of *wanting* to know rather than explicit instructions
as to *what* one should know.  It's more about an inability to know fully
rather than the celebration of knowing.

I'm a seeker.  But I'm also an atheist.  I seek knowledge & truth, not comfort
& salvation.  Give me the cold hard facts & I'll make up my own mind.  So what
if my conclusions don't lead to the warm, comforting, fabled fuzziness of 
religion; again, I'm looking for truth not comfort.

This is more proof of the pliability & genius of Pete's lyrics.  The pleasure &
insight *I* get from Pete may not be the same as what you get.  Who's right?

> "Won't get to get what I'm after, 'til the day I die"........I was wondering to 
> myself what is Pete saying there?  *Is* he talking about salvation?  
> Or is he talking about an *end*?  What is he going to get that he wants, 
> after he dies?  I personally think he is talking about salvation.

Your "salvation" interpretation is valid.  Pete's seeking won't end until he is wel-
comed into Heaven by the Lord, thereby having all his questions finally answered.

However, one could look at it in another way.  Will Pete get into Heaven if
he has doubts?  If he doesn't have complete faith?  The narrator in the song
freely admits he is still searching.  Asking many people to help shed some
light on the matter.  He's "desperate."

Or, is he saying that *final peace* will not be achieved until he's dead, & his
tortuous seeking has ended.  Not necessarily *finding* that elusive truth, but
free from the worry as to which path is correct.  God may or may not be there
at the end to enlighten him.

> It is a stretch, to me, that Pete is NOT writing about God, or some sort of 
> higher being, in his music.  

Then why isn't Pete's music played on Christian Rock radio stations?  Seriously?
If it's so obvious, why hasn't there been that crossover?  Why hasn't Pete been
embraced by the majority of religious people?

Because Pete's a man of *the world,* that's why.  He's more human than holy,
& that's the way it will always be.  He was born of the Devil's music - Rock & 
Roll.  Go ahead & laugh.  It may be funny to you but it's not funny to the millions
& millions of truly religious people on this planet.  Pete's a doomed sinner no 
matter how much money he gives to charity.

What *you* see as holiness in Pete others see as devilish trickery & uncon-
firmed, unsubstantiated faith.  Only partly on the road to salvation doesn't cut it 
for those people.  It might for you.  Again, who's right?

> I have never heard him say, he doesn't believe in God.

Which God?  ;-)

> In the spirit of a friendly debate, you can't really deny he is talking about 
> God, IMO.

I could just as easily say that you can't deny he's talking about himself, & man.
The seeker is man.  What you seek is your own business.  God & truth are
minor characters in "The Seeker."  The song is about man.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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