Guitarists on Bass

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Jun 6 16:32:12 CDT 2004

> Hmm.  Well, you're right, Pete Townshend can do some interesting things on 
> bass.  But, I guess my comment was more of: Not just anyone can pick up a 
> bass and play it; being a good guitarist doesn't guarantee good bass 
> playing.

Understood.  I was thinking that there isn't the sharp distinction between bass
players & guitarists as we sometimes believe.  This is evident in that new book
on Entwistle's guitar collection.

OX didn't just collect basses; he had tons of 6-strings - regular guitars - as well.  
And he new how to play them.  And how to appreciate them.

Many guitarists I know also own basses.  Their interests are geared more
toward instruments in general, rather than specifically guitars or specifically

Drummers, for the most part, seem to have an interest only in drums - although
there are exceptions.  Dave Grohl comes to mind.  And the guitarist for the
B-52's used to be their drummer in the old days.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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