Tom Fency tomfency at
Sun Jun 6 14:43:34 CDT 2004

>Here's a question for you:  What purpose did this cosmic alignment of 
>naming have?  In other words, how will The Who have been seen to impact the 

I don't know, but my relationship with The Who is very strange. I wonder 
sometimes why I like that sound too much, like an addicted and his strong 
vice. How many versions of Magic Bus and Won't Get Fooled Again I collected 
and heard zillion times? How can it be like that? Am I some kind of crazy 
demented? The sound caught you and you can escape no more, like a spell. Or 
a curse. If I am now like a seeker, if I think about God all the time, and 
read as many books I can get, all about spirituality, what part of that is 
related with The Who? If I am now waiting for a time change, a new Aquarian 
age, new foundations for the awakening of a decadent humanity, what is 
because of my favorite rock band? Well, I can tell only from myself, in a 
particular and personal point of view, but the answer is that all in my life 
is related to The Who. And you, keets, what you can tell about it?


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