Shepperton Film Studio (May 25, 1978)

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Hi, Yasuhito!

I would love to see that be released, too. But I think 
they will never released it, neither the  Kilburn show 
from 1977. But maybe they release some songs from both 
shows in a DVD - like 30 years of maximum R&B Live.


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> Hello to the list!
> This is the first time for me to post a message.
> I'm afraid this has already been discussed before but 
is there any plan 
> to release the live at the Shepperson Film Studio on 
May 25, 1978?
> As Baba O'Riley and Won't Get Fooled Again on the 
Kids Are Alright were 
> shooted then, I suppose audio or video file of the 
performance still 
> exists.
> They played Baba O'Riley, My Wife, Won't Get Fooled 
Again, Substitute, I 
> Can't Explain, Magic Bus, Summertime Blues, My 
Generation, My Wife, and 
> Won't Get Fooled Again.
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