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<I don't see God or even spirituality when I listen to Pete's songs; I see
<complex human nature & a desire to make sense of it all.  I see man.

'Splain to me what The Seeker is about.........I was singing it this 
morning........."Won't get to get what I'm after, 'til the day I die"........I was 
wondering to myself what is Pete saying there?  *Is* he talking about salvation?  
Or is he talking about an *end*?  What is he going to get that he wants, 
after he dies?  I personally think he is talking about salvation.

It is a stretch, to me, that Pete is NOT writing about God, or some sort of 
higher being, in his music.  I have never heard him say, he doesn't believe in 

I love the lyric..........God gave (H)him a face, and He gave me something 
above......God gave me grace, and he gave me sweet, sweet, sweet love."  I think 
he is talking about God there.  

In the spirit of a friendly debate, you can't really deny he is talking about 
God, IMO.


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