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Jun 5 2004
Joanne Manning, South Wales Echo
IT'S been a long time coming, but The Who are finally
gracing a Cardiff venue again.

The two remaining members - Pete Townshend and Roger
Daltrey - will be leading a line-up which includes
Cardiff's very own Pino Palladino and Ringo Starr's
son Zak Starkey in their first gig in the city in 34
years this Thursday.

Unsurprisingly, the concert at the Cardiff
International Arena is completely sold out, but those
of you who were lucky enough to get tickets should be
treated to a great show. The band warmed up for it in
Madison Square Gardens, New York, no less, with what
songwriter and guitarist Townshend describes as: "Just
the best thing that's happened to me in two years.
Roger connected with the crowd just as he had on the
last dates in 2002.

"I was just happy to be up there, grateful to be alive
and lucky to have such a great team around me."

Thursday's gig will be followed by a slot in the Isle
of Wight Festival, and then their first ever visits to
Japan and Australia as well as limited dates on the
West Coast of America.

The last time the mega rock band played in Cardiff was
way back in 1970 at Sophia Gardens Pavilion, when
Britain had just adopted the decimal currency, The
Doors' frontman Jim Morrison died in Paris and The
French Connection was released in the cinema.

Daltrey and Townshend are still known for their
trademark stage habits of twirling microphones and
dramatic leaps, although expect them to destroy less
instruments this time around.

One person who's looking forward to The Who's Cardiff
return is local music studio owner Paul Durrant.

The Londoner, who has lived in Cardiff since 1988 and
who now runs the Stir Studios just off Penarth Road,
grew up with the Townshends because his father and
Pete's were best friends.

"Pete gave me my first electric guitar - a smashed up
Gibson SG Special - the instrument he used when The
Who were at the top of their game," says Paul, who has
worked with many of the UK's biggest bands, including
Duran Duran and the Manic Street Preachers.

"In fact, Pete's studio in his country house in
Oxfordshire was where I learnt to be an engineer and
work a big recording studio console.

"I was also in two bands - one with Pete's brother
Paul, the other with his youngest brother Simon, and
we used Pete's studios a lot.

"I spoke to him very recently while he was in New York
and he's looking forward to the UK shows. The Madison
Square Garden gig was apparently awesome."

The Who play a sell-out show at Cardiff International
Arena on Thursday

-Brian in Atlanta
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