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Perhaps.  I see Pete's songs being mainly about himself, really.  Not in an
egotistical way like much of that Rap music you listen to (D'oh!), but in a
confused, searching, striving-to-make-sense-of-it-all type of way.

Very well put.  I agree.  This public struggle of his has given me much 
frustration and at the same time, much hope.  I can't for the life of me understand 
why so many people don't seem to care what there destiny is or what their 
real purpose in life is.  It's as if we're on drugs.  To bury and to numb away 
reality is a drug that leads to a shallow and lonely existence that carries the 
illusion of a good time. Lest we become bored.  That is why I hold dear to me 
the sufferings in life. They cause one to feel the pain that rescues from 
this. If we felt no pain, we would let our hand burn off in a fire. Then we would 
have no hands.  If we have no emotional pain or failures, we will always be 
right. Self sufficient. Set. Settled. Occupied. Proud. Aloof. Utterly useless.

To see Pete face life head on and not shy away from the suffering that 
follows in his quest to work things out is a real encouragement to me.  He is rich. 
He is famous.  He has a legacy to protect. He doesn't need to write songs like 
CYHTOYL But he will not stop "running" it seems. He considers the right 
things. Old folks tend to become very cautious so as not to lose what took their 
entire lives to gain.  Pete can sit back and enjoy.  He can give to others to 
ease his conscience in the easy way he spoke of in his song. But he chooses to 
fight and to struggle. 

I know that Pete is deeper than his intelligence.  The heart has reasons that 
mere reason does not know. Facts are facts, but facts don't always reveal the 
truth. Anyone who has been in a law case knows this. (O.J.) If I never read 
the teachings of Witness Lee, and If I didn't already find what it is that Pete 
and every other person on earth needs and is actually able to find if they 
were truly open to, I wouldn't even care I guess.  But I did. And I do. 

Jon in Mi.

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