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L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jun 5 23:48:05 CDT 2004

>I think Pete sees himself as the life-giver (money-giver, really) for his
bandmates.  He knows they need him to "make it" & that's why he's
doing these Who tours.  But, ironically, he's finding out that he actually
*enjoys* his role in the band, as well as performing on stage with them.

>In Pino's case I think loyalty has a lot to do with it.  With Simon Town-
shend, it's *family* loyalty.  Roger is Roger, & I think Pete knows &
accepts that he will forever be linked with this not-so-similar person he
met as a teenager; they're linked by common history; veterans of the
same war.  Pete is the Field Commander of this unit.

Been watching the D-Day celebration on TV a bit?  :)

Okay, I don't know that this is all about providing money.  The current run 
of activity provides opportunities of various kinds for the different folks 
in the band.  We're already discussed that playing with The Who was Zak's 
dream when he was a kid.  I'll bet it was the same for Simon.  Rabbit has 
published some diaries that indicate he felt a cheated that The Who folded 
as a touring act just as he started to play with them.  Sure, they get $$ 
from the tour, but it's not ALL about that.

By now, Roger must have put back plenty of money from the tours, and it 
never did seem he was hurting the way John was.  Didn't Roger flatly refuse 
when Pete wanted to go on tour in 1996-97?  Once they've gotten the personal 
stuff out of the way, Roger just likes to get up there and sing in front of 
The Who.  It's his life's work.  Plus, he's gotten the chance to write a 
couple of songs for the band, and (if I'm not mistaken), they've snuck these 
into the jams during the tours.   The one I think is "Crossroads Now" in 
2000 produced an anthem worthy of Pete's old ones.

And what does Pete get out of it?  I dunno yet, but here are a few guesses:  
He gets to relive some of the heady days of his youth, provide a role model 
for Joseph (who missed the whole Who thing), set a new standard for rock as 
a genre, work on extending his spirituality into a new album, and uh, what 
else?  You fill in the blank.

Anyway, most folks look after their own self-interests.  If Pete didn't see 
any opportunities to grow and develop as a person/artist with The Who, then 
we wouldn't see him out there looking so happy and fulfilled.  He's be pissy 
the way he was for '89.


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