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>Did you hear about synchronicity? Jung has developed this concept, meaning 
>the relation that exists when things occur at the same time, to explain how 
>the collective
unconscious works. In the case of The Who we see an example of that. The 
name, as we know, was inspired in a tv serie, Dr.Who, and because it is 
funny (ya know, The Who. Who? Oh yeah, the band). But when Pete Townshend 
discovered Indian mysticism, and knew Meher Baba, it changed his life and 
the future of his band forever - Tommy is clear influenced by eastern 
mysticism and the meetings with the Avatar. But now, the brand The Who has 
assumed brand new meaning. If you don't know, "God Speaks", written by Meher 
Baba, talks about the purpose of Creation. In a spiritual saga where God is 
the protagonist, all individual biographies are encompassed as a vehicle for 
His quest, passing through evolution, reincarnation and involution (the 
spiritual path of return to
Himself). In an infinite Ocean, after God asks "WHO am I?" creating the 
individualized souls (compared to drops or bubbles within the Ocean), those 
will traverse a multitude of forms, developing new ones with greater 
consciousness (the many natural beings) until evolve to human form (where 
consciousness is fully developed but not aware of itself). In the second 
phase, reincarnation, the souls are now playing themselves out in the 
broader context of intelligence, emotions, choices and interactions with 
people. In different lives, becoming male and female, rich and poor, 
vigorous and weak, beautiful and ugly, exploring the potential of these many 
opposites, one eventually exhausts all possible human identities and, 
therefore, has fully learned the entire range of human experience. In the 
third phase, involution, the soul try to return to the full awareness of the 
Divine Force, which created him. After seven "planes" (the first three ones 
within the subtle world, the fourth in the mental world, and the last about 
true sainthood), impressions and duality goes, the drops burst and again 
become the Ocean. God finally answers his question of "WHO am I?" with the 
answer "I am God." The WHO - not the tv serie, or a joke, but the 
fundamental question. Or both.

So Pete is God's tool?

Er, okay.  No jokes, right.  :p

In some cases Jung was a little too far off the deep end, but I still like 
his interpretations better than Freud's.  Jung feels right in many ways, as 
he tries to explain human spirituality and intuition as something more than 
just animal needs and desires.   Freud had too many issues with repression.

While I was looking at this, I found an interesting interpretation of 
synchonicity:  that synchronicities are people, places or events that your 
soul attracts into your life.  In that case, synchronicity is not a 
coincidence, as Jung thought, but something YOU cause by existing as you are 
in a particular place and time.   I guess I can add this bit to my Universal 
Theory of Karma, which (heheh) some posters here may be familiar with 
already.  ;)

The question underlying your post is "Why did Pete choose or accept the name 
'The Who' for the band?"  At that point in time, a number of cosmic threads 
came together, and Pete had a choice to make that would determine his vision 
of himself (and the public's vision of the band) many years into the future. 
  You're now wondering how Pete/the band happened to choose a name that 
Eastern mystics use to inquire of God?

Well, what Jung had to say about it (as I understand him), is that 
synchronicity can point out transendental truths, but that it's still up to 
the human mind to see/feel/hear them.  These truths are archetypes that we 
know, but are not taught.  What we have to do to sense these universal 
truths is to be open to them, and we can use intuition and insight to 
interpret the meaning they hold.  So what we can say that Pete/the band felt 
some resonance of universal truth when he/they heard the name.  It felt 
right on several levels, so the band became The Who, and an extension of 
Pete spiritualilty.

The fact that this was half-way a joke is just another symptom of the 
complexity that would be associated with the band.

Here's a question for you:  What purpose did this cosmic alignment of naming 
have?  In other words, how will The Who have been seen to impact the 


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