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Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Jun 5 11:16:34 CDT 2004

> I think Alan has a point to consider regarding sharing the spotlight. 

Well, then why is Pete even touring with The Who?  If he's so unhappy
sharing the spotlight, why is he out on the road with Roger Daltrey?
Why isn't he touring on his own?  As a solo artist?  Pete's well-off
enough financially, he doesn't need to tour with The Who if sharing
the spotlight frustrates him so badly.

I think Pete sees himself as the life-giver (money-giver, really) for his 
bandmates.  He knows they need him to "make it" & that's why he's 
doing these Who tours.  But, ironically, he's finding out that he actually 
*enjoys* his role in the band, as well as performing on stage with them.

In Pino's case I think loyalty has a lot to do with it.  With Simon Town-
shend, it's *family* loyalty.  Roger is Roger, & I think Pete knows &
accepts that he will forever be linked with this not-so-similar person he 
met as a teenager; they're linked by common history; veterans of the
same war.  Pete is the Field Commander of this unit. 

- SCHRADE in Akron

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