Carl A Biancucci carl at
Sat Jun 5 09:09:26 CDT 2004

Ok,I admit,Howard Stern's radio show is one of my guilty pleasures!

I heard the show where they talked about "Real Good Looking Boy",
it wasn't Howard who brought up the song,it was Artie Laing,one of 
the crew on the show.
Artie was raving about the concert,but was very surprised to hear the
title of the new song,considering Pete's troubles.
No one was ragging on the Who,just surprised.

Howard used to say he hated the Who,but he saw them at the 9/11 show
and has been impressed ever since.

He had nice things to say about John when he passed,and has had Roger
on the show many times,the last time with Roger defending Pete
with vigor.

Howard,like others,makes his living off of the foibles of celebs
in the news,and had plenty of one-liners and song parodies at Pete's
expense,so I'm no calling for his election to sainthood.
BUT when Roger was on defending Pete,Howard was most humble,and let
Roger make it VERY clear that Pete was innocent regarding
child porn,etc.,and as a Who and Stern fan,I apppreciated.

Ba Ba Booey and all that.


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