Howard Stern...not a real good looking boy.

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Jun 4 20:01:59 CDT 2004

We knew it would happen...

My wife reports to me that the same radio station here in VT that is playing RGLB and giving away Then and Now CD's is also running a trailer for Howard Stern that goes something like this:

"One of Stern's cronies" (as described by my wife):  "So I went to The Who concert over the weekend at MSG, and they have a new song called Real Good Looking Boy!  After all that shit that happened with Pete Townshend, his new song is ....I'm not kidding....A Real Good Looking Boy!
Robin:  GET OUT!
Stern:  You've got to be kidding me?
<general laughter and amusement in the studio>

There was more discussion, but my wife couldn't remember what it was.


Kevin in VT

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