Pino on bass and my finger. (?) ;-o

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Thu Jun 3 10:39:32 CDT 2004

>From: "Frate, Chris (EM, PTL)" <Chris.Frate at>
>Subject: RE: Pino on bass
>Pino is known to them, has a personality they like, they feel comfortable
>with him, and - at around sixty years old - that's what Pete and Roger care

I'm with you Chris that this has to be a major factor in their decision.
Which, is why I think Simon (Townshend) would be a good fit.  But, as others have pointed out, and why I also asked, he needs to be able to play.
The jump from guitar to bass is anything but automatic.

Some really good discussion on Pino and bass.  It's obviously a serious concern for at least us.

Oh, and WELCOME NED R. !
Kick yer shoes off (got fresh socks?)!  Have a cold one!  Stay awhile. 
Nice posts on O&S, too.  ;-)

>From: Joe Lewinski <lewinski at>
>Subject: Re: Joe Jr. at MSG etc.
>So sad.....about your finger.

Sad...'cause it's really smashed now.
Sad...'cause it hurts like shit now....

>I guess it's just bar chords for you now!   What
>the devil did you do?

Hold onto your hat, 'cause this is a doozy of a that I'm sure even Pete could relate to...
I'm working on my sailboat (just about finishing up on one of the biggest projects of my life...repairing the entire hull of blisters)...late Sunday evening.
It's about 8pm, no one else around, and I'm all the way inside the cockpit storage locker ("lazerette") taping the bolt holes from underneath where the winch screws in, so I can fill with epoxy and bla, bla, bla, bla  ;-)
I guess I reached up with my left hand to grab the frame of the storage locker opening to pull myself up a bit.  Instead of grabbing the frame, I grabbed the hinged edge of the actual lid to the compartment.  SHHHHAAAAABAAAAMMMMOOOO!  The entire lid (a bit heavy) comes whipping down, and my left ring finger gets smashed and clamped by the lid, right next to the hinge (point of greatest torque).
Here's the kicker....
The lid slams shut, and then the little latch thingy flips down and latches.
So, there I am, in the dark, with my finger trapped.  I can't see.  I can't tell if my finger is missing parts. I can't free my finger.  I can't get out.  My cell phone is in the car.  I could yell, but who would hear?  I bang on the lid for what seemed like several minutes (probably only a couple) causing more pain, and finally the latchy thingy flips free, and I can get out and see what condition my finger is in.
Not good on all counts.
I was close to passing out before the latch popped free.

It's the story of the year at the marina.
Their advice....
"Soak it in cider."
I'm not kidding.
Think about it.
Say it out loud.  ;-)
Funny lads at the boat yard.  Hardee-harr-harr..


Too late for that.
I should have burned a hole through the nail to relieve the pressure.
I've had that done once before and it's amazing how it helps.  But, I just couldn't do it myself.
Instead, an entire sleepless night in throbbing agony.

>Good luck!

I need to pad it so I don't go ripping my nail off prematurely!

Back to The Who!
My finger's really sore now!

Kevin (still glowing from the NY experience) in VT

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