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Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Jun 2 17:26:44 CDT 2004

Yesterday I received the new Entwistle book from -  

Warning:  The book is solely comprised of pictures of Entwistle's various
guitars (not just basses as the title implies).  There's only *one* picture
of Entwistle himself (not counting the close-ups of his hands on pages 190 -

I'm in a band (drummer) but guitars have always fascinated me so this book
wasn't a disappointment at all.

Where the book might interest the non-gearhead & general OX/Who fan
is in its many quotes from Entwistle concerning his collection, & the settings/
backgrounds used for the pictures, those being various spots in & around his
countryside mansion which is currently up for sale.

There's a forward by Roger, a foreword by Rick Neilson (of Cheap Trick
fame, who helped compile the pictures back in '95), & a foreword from The
OX himself.

Yeah, it's sad looking at the pictures & thinking he's gone, & that most of
his stuff has been auctioned off, but I found myself laughing out loud at
some of his comments, in which OX's unique brand of humor comes shining
brilliantly through.  A few examples:

Commenting on one of his many Fender Precision basses:  "I find it amazing
to find a 43-year-old bass in such perfect condition.  It must've spent its
life under someone's bed."

On another Precision:  "This one came with a protective plastic back plate.
Presumably, an anti-cowboy belt buckle device."

On one of his Rickenbacker 6-strings:  "I bought this for my son Christopher
when he was 6.  He's 24 now so I guess he's outgrown it."

On an Alembic V Bass:  "Too heavy to get off the ground but good for
catching snakes."

On a 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG:  "I still think Pete Townshend got his best
stage sound using one of these."

On his 1958 Gibson Explorer:  "I paid $3750 for this in 1975 - you'd have
to sell your house to buy it now!"

On a Gibson Thunderbird bass:  "Its brother no longer exists having been 
decapitated by a very clumsy Keith Moon on the way off stage."

On an early Supro guitar:  "One of the first guitars made especially for

On a Teisco Del Ray Spectrum guitar:  "This guitar's so ugly it's beautiful.
Lotsa coloured buttons & twiddly bits.  My favorite 'junk guitar'"

On a 1960's Ampeg bass:  'I think this is the bass they hand you when you
check into hell."

Ha!  Classic Entwistle!

Don't be turned off by the subject matter of this book.  A lot of Entwistle
comes shining through.  After all, his comments reflect the strong passion 
he had for music, guitars, & collecting.  You can easily see that he had 
loads of fun commenting on his various instruments.

Plus, as I said, the pictures are exceptionally nice & feature various settings
from his large country estate.

Great book. Gotta give this one an "A" grade.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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