Live Entwistle DVD-Audio tomorrow

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Wed Jun 2 10:00:29 CDT 2004

> touting the advantages of DVD-Audio, though. Maybe
> someone with 
> surround-sound would notice a difference.


The Front Row series is rather poor, 5.1 mix-wise. I'd
stay away from it (no matter the artist). Live 5.1
stuff is iffy anyway, since it's often just the
audience in the back channels and not a true 5.1 mix.
Even the best two I've heard, the Zep and Brian
Wilson, are inferior to most studio 5.1 releases.

> IMHO.  There needs to be a 
> strong sonic foundation for Townshend's soloing. 
> And Zak, great as I think 
> he is, cannot fulfil that role all by himself.


As I've said before, the reason why they got away with
Zak (but not Kenney or Simon) was Entwistle and
Townshend took up the slack. You can hear the
difference from `82 & `89: Entwistle was almost half
of the sound from `96-2000 (and Townshend also greatly
improved). You're right about the foundation, and
that's why they need a proactive bass player...not
just someone skilled or famous. Trouble is all the
proactive bassists we know of are famous (naturally).

> It's a shame, and I hope they look into it.  Maybe
> they should give Lake a 
> chance on stage?

If Old Red Wine is any indication, that's not a
solution. I can't tell it's Lake on that one, can you?

> What it really comes down to, I think, is who's in
> the inner circle?


Well, this was my fear all along. The Who compromises,
becames less than they once were. The last time they
chose compatibility over sound was Kenney Jones...and
we know how well THAT worked (sorry Scott)! on the
other hand Philips was skilled but too precise for the
Who sound. So it's not JUST about musicianship.
Replacing Entwistle might just be impossible.
Therefore a name change is indicated.

> with him, and - at around sixty years old - that's
> what Pete and Roger care about.

And to quote George Harrison, isn't that a pity? The
opportunity for great music is lost once again.

> would like, the fire is
> still there, so I don't see any changes forthcoming.

I have to disagree with you here. I don't feel the
fire. I feel a generic Stones/Aerosmith-like oldies
tour. From what I've heard live with Pino, it's a lot
like the 1989 tour...which prompted me to say: "Wow,
it's amazing how much they sound like The Who."

> I SMASHED the shit out of my left ring-finger on
> Sunday.


Try a guitar next time.

"We've tripled the amount of money—I believe it's from
$50 million up to $195 million available."
    George "budgetboy" Bush

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