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Wed Jun 2 08:22:42 CDT 2004

> Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 15:47:50 +0000
> From: "Karbon Karbon" <tetrakarbon at>
> Very well spoken.  I agree completely.  And for precisely this reason, 
> it's
> a bad idea to select a bassist simply on association with a famous 
> band (I'm
> not saying that was why John Paul Jones was brought up).

IMO, there is one legitimate reason for bringing in a big name, IF (big 
"if") that they're in the same ballpark as John, musically, and that's 
so that, paradoxically, the audience would NOT pay so much attention to 
them.  My reasoning is:

Say Chris Squire or Greg Lake were to come along and play big, loud, 
intricate lines. I would appreciate that sonic foundation and I have no 
doubt it would push Pete to great heights.  (It would also allow some 
of the burden of carrying the show to shift off of Pete's shoulders.  
Whether Pete could relax and accept that is a very open question.)  I 
would also expect a solo turn for the "star" bass player, in 5:15 or 
elsewhere -- whether that would happen or not is also open to question.

Now, assume one of the many talented unknowns out there was cast out of 
an open audition and were to do the same with the band 
and play bass with the volume and world-class caliber of John, Chris or 
Greg.  When I realized that huge, beautiful sound was coming from some 
no-name guy, I'd be so busy checking my program to LEARN who s/he was 
and concentrating on just what they were capable of, that I'd miss much 
of Pete.  Now, that might produce some unbelievable shows as Pete 
fought to wrest my (the audience's) attention back, but given the 
totally unlikely nature of this scenario, I'll stop here.

> There needs to be a
> strong sonic foundation for Townshend's soloing.  And Zak, great as I 
> think
> he is, cannot fulfil that role all by himself.

I agree.

> Different is good, but if a spark of that old
> energy could come back, all the better!
> It's a shame, and I hope they look into it.  Maybe they should give 
> Lake a
> chance on stage?

<sigh>  I'm afraid it's all dreaming from the bass.  If anybody's 
making book, my quarter's on Pino from here on out.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."  --Pete 
Townshend, 1967

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