"Rockin' for the Ox" repeats

Alan McKendree amck at thenetdr.com
Wed Jun 2 07:00:31 CDT 2004

HDNet's schedule is showing repeats of "Rockin' for the Ox" on

Sat., June 5th 6:30 PM Eastern Time
Sat., June 12th 8:30 AM Eastern Time


  "Rockin' for the Ox" Featuring TorQue
  A performance at B.B. King Blues Club in New York City to benefit The 
  Entwistle Foundation featuring live entertainment by TorQue. TorQue 
  the music of the late John Entwistle and music from their new CD.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."  --Pete 
Townshend, 1967

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