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>The trick to a power trio - which the Who, Zep, Cream, Jimi Hendrix
>Experience - were, is that when the guitarist soloes the rest of the band 
>must overplay
>some to compensate for the lack of a rhythm instrument (either another 
>or keyboards).  Cream nailed it; the Who nailed it, Hendrix got it 2/3 
>(Redding on bass was OK - he was a guitarist actually) - Zep only got it a 
>The trick to the Who's sound live was having, as an old friend once said, a
>lead guitar, a lead bass and a lead drummer.  That is what all power trios 
>to have.
>Even with a keyboard and extra guitar in the Who today, the bass is lacking
>as the foundation.

Very well spoken.  I agree completely.  And for precisely this reason, it's 
a bad idea to select a bassist simply on association with a famous band (I'm 
not saying that was why John Paul Jones was brought up).  I did hear Bill 
Wyman mentioned, and that couldn't be any worse, IMHO.  There needs to be a 
strong sonic foundation for Townshend's soloing.  And Zak, great as I think 
he is, cannot fulfil that role all by himself.

Playing bass is less about skill than it is about attitude, it seems to me.  
Guitarists can pick up a bass and play it, but they don't have the mindset - 
what bass is supposed to sound like. :)

Anyway, that's why I'd stay away from JPJ or Wyman.  And Palladino has shown 
that he won't lay this foundation down (he certainly _could_, he's 
talented), and so the sound of the Who falls flat (relatively).  They're 
still awesome - especially because Pete solos differently than he used to - 
but it's a different sound.  Different is good, but if a spark of that old 
energy could come back, all the better!

It's a shame, and I hope they look into it.  Maybe they should give Lake a 
chance on stage?

-- Ned Ruggeri

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