Random Thoughts About Melbourne!!

Sean Duke Cassidy modernaction at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 31 20:48:34 CDT 2004

Again, this is cross posted to several lists due to
lack of regulars in attendance. Delete or skip over as

So, final nite in Melbourne. Sat nite, full moon with
a big ring around it. Venue in an Arena in a huge
complex of of other sporting arenas and stadiums.
Crowd was pretty pumped, and thrilled that The Who
were finally there. Both here and Sydney, the crowd
were ecstatic, everyone I spoke too had no
reservations or judgments at all. They were so happy
to finally be seeing The Who! Definitely made me
recall the felling I had in 89 and 96!! Not to mention
99 where it was clear that The Who were indeed back!

Sat nite in Melbourne was high energy show. Pete while
still noticeably pleased to be in OZ, looked angry for
much of the show, like he meant business. No serious
machine gunning of the audience or anything, but there
was lots of spontaneous leaping, but wiggling, and a
killer on the beat kick into the air! Wish I could
recall what song, but I wasn't taking notes! It was
good though. Pete very genuinely stated again that he
want to return for some more show very soon.

Roger again sounds and look great, and did a great
recovery during Pinball Wizard, when the band was
playing WAY to fast and almost lost him. He very
clearly held it together though. And the glasses suit
him well!

It was back to Drowned, and Punk and the Godfather was
left in as a replacement to 5:15. Still no sign of
even Magic Bus, let alone LLR, for which of which I
have made both a general, as well as a personal
"suggestion" for....E. F. was rough and ready as
always, and worked well tonite, as it often gets a bit
messy. You Better You Bet ROCKS! I love that song.

I'm off for now.
OKCU on Sat, Duke

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