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31 July, 06:55   	WHO-SYDNEY
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I don't know what it is about this band.
For me this is a hard, weird, strange,
twilight zone, mentally questioning tour.
I am begining to love the Who all
over again. Hell, I've been in it for 25 years,
but it's such a great band that even I
think I am only just realising I'm in the band.
I have nightmares about it, pinch myself
every morning when I wake up.
I hate it, I love it, it drives me crazy, yet
without it I would go more insane than
I already am. So I'm stuck between
an Ass and a Hard place.
It's my job, my career, my hobby,
my love, my hate. It's everything that
I know about Life for the last 25 years.
Wow...we are kicking some big time ass.
Sydney gigs were fantastic.
Pete is such a Diplomat, and Rog
is right behind him all the way.
They love and hate us, and we love and
hate them. It's just 100% total Life
as we know it.
I'm getting on in age a bit, can't keep up
with Zak, Simon, and Pino party wise.
But hey, I think I did my fair share and more
of partying in my time. I think many
people will back me up on that.
Those that remember me drunk will
never forget it.
I'm happy today, cause for the 1st time
since we been on the road this trip,
I finally got my dad-gum computer
to run Reason music software, so now
I can finally create my own songs again
on the road. Funky stuff man...
I'm from Texas, and I funk like hell.
It's all in the roots dudes......
anyway, off to Melbourne tonight,
and in the morning we fly to Hawaii,
to kick some surfin' ass.
Ya'll get your surf boards out...
If the plane falls into the sea
offshore of Honolulu, you guys
surf out and give us a ride back
to the beach.......Don't let no
Great Whites get my feet.
yee hawwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!
funky muther,
John Rabbit Bundrick

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