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28 July, 00:04  	WHO-OSAKA-JULY 25-2004
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WOW!, again, I think we've cracked it.
Japan is our oyster from now on.
After the Osaka gig and Yokohama
gig, I think the Japanese were pretty well
impressed with us as much as we are with them.
They are great fans now, and a fabulous audience
to play to.
Osaka was a great gig, plenty of fire from Pete
and Rog, and I finally decided to crank
the Hammond up, and let loose, throw caution
to the wind, and play the thing like I used to
in 1979, just turn it up and 'Kick Butt'....
Pete was still complimenting me on it the next
day. So if Pete likes it, I'll start doing more of it,
cause he's the boss, the best musician I
personally know, and a hard act to keep up with.
Me being a lazy Texan, it takes me some time to
get rolling, but I did in Osaka, and that's what
Pete wants from me, so if he's happy, then so
am I.
I just wish I could play my keyboards as
well as he can play his guitar. He is blistering
on the guitar, just a ball of fire man....Wow!
It was a hell of a long flight from Japan to
Sydney, 9 and 1/2 hours, smooth but bloody
boring. I'm not a great flyer at the best of times,
and since I don't drink, and you can't smoke
on flights, I just get 'bored'.....ha.....ha.....ha
I was throwing my blankets and pillows
all over the plane cause I couldn't have
a cig...I really do need to quit smoking,
but hey, it ain't easy. And for those of you
out there who are on this Anti-smoking
thing, sod off and get a Life. Not all of us
are the same, and you are infringing on my
dad-gum rights. If you don't want to be around
me and want to make me un-sociable
to society, and look upon me as a lesser human
than you are, then fuck off....
I am trying to quit, but it was easier to stop
drinking that it is to stop smoking, so give
me some space guys. Let me do it in my own
time? I will get there, but not when ya'll
tell me, I'll do it when 'I' decide to do it, ok?
I hate smoking too, but am an addict, so there!
Shut up about smoking and get on with 'Your'
own bloddy life, ok?
Anyway, gig tonight in Sydney.
I'm ready and waiting.
Let's go Pete, let's kick some more ass......
John Rabbit Bundrick

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