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24 July, 23:19   	WHO-YOKOHAMA
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July 24, 2004

Wow, Pete was here to celebrate today.
It's the Who's first time ever in Japan,
and even I have been here before with Free
in 1972, but Pete and Rog have never been
here, and I think they are as impressed
with Japan as much as I was in 1972 and still am
to this day....so in Ritual ceremonial style,
Pete broke Japan in with his 1st ever
'Smashing of his Guitar' at the end of the show.
It was beautiful....swung high over his head,
gripped by both hands, ceremoniously
beat that guitar to death against his front monitor,
and the band hit a chord every time he brought it down
so the visual act of smashing the guitar had a
thunderous band audio crash to accentuate every
blow that guitar took.....Smashing!......(pardon the pun)
It is hot as hell here in Japan, and we are all having
a fab time with the Japanese people.
They really are friendly.
and a special treat for me this trip too.........
I met up with old FREE bassist Tetsu Yamauchi,
whom I've not seen since the early 70's.
It was great to see him, we both have changed
and aged so much, that I looked at him and said
"Wow, Tetsu, me and you are old men now, what happened
to us."......We had a great visit together, and he brought
his young wife and little 5 yr old daughter, who
gave me loads of Japanese cuddles, which made
me feel real proud for Tetsu........Siranara Tetsu, till next
Has anybody seen Godzilla? I have been watching out
for him out my Hotel window. Tokyo looks like it does
in the old Godzilla film, the buildings look like those
miniature sets in the Godzilla films. ......yee haw.
ok, I admit it......I'm a big Monster fan, yep.
Anyway, we're all doing good, and we're off to Osaka
on the bullet train today, then tomorrow, Monday, we're
flying to Australia. Thank you Japan..you're a kind
people and I love you and your country.........
bye Naomi, Junko, Hiroshi, Tetsu, and all the
friends here in Tokyo.......lot's of love
John Rabbit Bundrick

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