Hilary Duff: "Get over yourselves!"

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 31 08:52:40 CDT 2004

>From The Tennessean at:

Hilary Duff don't take no guff

Hilary Duff shot back at my buddy Tim (Dirt Man)
Ghianni after Tim criticized her for changing The
Who's iconic lyric in My Generation, ''Hope I die
before I get old.''

Hilary sings ''Hope I don't die before I get old,''
which my '60s-era hippie buddy Tim says is blasphemous
— or at least kinda stupid.

In a phone interview yesterday, Hilary told Tim to
pound it— or at least get off her back.

''I hate to sour on critics, but for them to care
about me changing one line of a song? Get over
yourselves! I'd like to see them on stage, how do they
sing, how do they look on stage??''

Says Tim — who hasn't been on stage since he grabbed a
tambourine and jumped on stage during a rock concert
in 1969 (when Hillary was –19 years old) — ''It wasn't
a pretty sight then. Nonetheless, leave The Who alone,
little girl.''

-Brian in Atlanta
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