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Sat Jul 31 00:07:26 CDT 2004

31 July 2004
Sydney 310704

Hope you're well at home, next week I'll try to phone....

It's our last full day in Australia before flying off to Hawaii tomorrow. 
We're still in Sydney and fly to and from Melbourne today for tonight's gig. 
We get back around 2 am and then have a 10 am flight to Honolulu tomorrow so 
there will be no posting from tonights show until we reach Hawaii as 
everything will be packed away ready to fly.

Having never been to Australia before I have to say Sydney is fantastic. The 
people, the food (5 stars to The Rocks Cafe for some wondeful breakfasts!), 
the atmosphere are all great. My room overlooks Circular Quay and the opera 
house and it's one of the most cosmopolitan places I've ever come across. 
The harbour is a bustling hive of people and ferries continually operating. 
The live entertainment at the harbour is fantastic too, ranging from 
Aboriginal musicians to steel drums via guitar, chinese intruments and 
everywhere else you can think of! It's been a delight. It's actually winter 
in Australia and the locals are wrapped up in their overcoats and scarves 
which makes it easy to spot us Brits a mile of, we're the ones in the t 
shirts. We'd be happy if we got summer's like this!

Not sure what's in the air here but I wish they could export some back home 
and elsewhere. Might be a much more peaceful world then.

On the last tour I wrote about a day in the life of the crew and I've had a 
couple of emails asking me what life is like for me on the road. Well, I 
have to say, at times it's quite lonely. Although I travel and lodge with 
the band I don't really socialise that much with them and my job, unlike 
theirs, is a pretty solitary one. When there's a gig my day really begins 
mid afternoon, checking and cleaning equipment etc and then, depending on 
the time and venue of the gig, I ususally meet up with the guys between 4 
and 7 pm in the hotel lobby. During the gig my time is spent filming and 
photographing and then afterwards I work in my room updating the site, 
usually till around 3 or 4 am. So I don't get to join in much with any of 
the activities that may go on.

On days off, such as yesterday, that's when you notice the loneliness more 
(or I do anyway) I spent the day sightseeing which was great but I didn't 
actually speak to anyone really (other than those I ordered lunch, coffee or 
a beer from) all day. Emails from home are the things that keep me going. 
Not sure how people can survive without the internet these days.*

So that's pretty much it. Now it's time to pack again ready to move on. 
Looking forward to the Melbourne gig tonight and waiting to see if there's a 
warmer greeting at the airport tonight than when the band last visited! ;-)


* In the hour of so since I wrote this I've had a call from the crew (thanks 
Tom Kenny!) offering me their 'sympathy' on my! Last time I 
write nice things about them!!!!

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