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SicilianMother at SicilianMother at
Fri Jul 30 21:26:54 CDT 2004

Tonight was the first time I let myself get really excited about next week.  

Listening to the the classic rock station, the dj was talking about the Who 
concert on the 9th and he was saying, "whatever you do, however much you have 
to spend, it will be worth every penny to see Pete Townshend play the guitar, 
run, don't walk to get a ticket"  He went on to say other stuff that I have 
already heard on the lists.

It hit me like a ton of bricks!  It's almost here!! I have MY ticket!! I will 
be there!!  How sweet is that!!  I can't wait to feel that energy!  There is 
nothing like it!!

I am glad I have a super busy week coming up, because if I had too much time 
to stop and think about it..............

It is going to be a happy moment when I take off on Sunday morning and head 
up to Hollywood for the festivities.  I have no expectations, other then to 
just relax and enjoy myself.  When the main event begins, I don't know, I am not 
sure if I am glad I will be by myself or if I wish I had someone to steady me. 
 In the past, I haven't ever been to a show with a person who was a fan at 
the level of myself, so I really just put them out of the picture during the 
show.  So, maybe it will be good to just be by myself.  I don't know.  Too much 
thinking.  Too much thinking.  I just need to hear Pete Townshend play his 
fucking guitar <for me>!!!

Jo :) 

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