Old Pete Interview

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 30 21:05:31 CDT 2004

I've been reading a couple of old Pete interviews.  Here's the one from 2002 
where he got so pissed off at RS about the sexuality questions.   There are 
some items that sort of stuck out.  The first is about THE BOY WHO HEARD 

>In the novel Townshend has just written, The Boy Who Heard Music, this 
>building (Pete's house) appears as a lunatic asylum,

>"I had one mission this year, to write a book -- which I thought was going 
>to take me until June, and I finished it in May," he says. "So I've got the 
>rest of the year to go sailing or do whatever I want." Instead, for a 
>couple of months, he has decided to tour with the Who. "This," he says 
>evenly, "is something that I'm really quite inclined to do at the moment."

If he had the book written in May of 2002, what's he done with it?  Do you 
suppose he's holding it until he's got an album and a movie to go with it?  
I think at that time he was planning it as a solo project, right?

Anyhow, it sounds like a very warped, and maybe humorous version of reality. 
  Do you suppose he'd revised it since?

>[Last week] I said to [touring keyboard player] Rabbit [Bundrick], 
>"Wouldn't it be great if we could produce a Who album that was like Who's 
>Next?" A few wild, edgy little bits

I gather he mean something as innovative and timeless as WHO'S NEXT.  The 
few "wild, edgy little bits" sounds terrific.  I'd love to hear that, 
myself.   :)

>These days, are you more likely to smash a guitar when you don't really 
>want to, or to not smash when you do feel like doing it?

>The first. It feels childish, it feels petulant. It doesn't come from the 
>same place. You know, when I used to smash guitars I was an artist. I'd 
>never smash guitars in a rage -- it demeaned the whole thing. But now I'll 
>have a quick fit and go, "Oh, fuck everything," smash the guitar and think, 
>"Oh, dear, look at that."

This is an interesting statement in light of this week's discussion of the 
Yolohama smash.  I think everyone prefers the ones Pete smashes in a rage.  
Sixty-year-old men aren't supposed to do that, are they?  But another 
interesting question--was it obvious all those years that Pete was smashing 
guitars in an artistic mode?


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