Still another Sydney review

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jul 30 12:51:50 CDT 2004

Repost from Exile to Whoville:

Well here's my comments on a fantastic night. Started slowly enough looking 
at the swag - disappointed there was no programme but bought a t-shirt 
anyway. I decided to take it back to my car and put it away. As I went round 
the back to the carpark a black limo pulls up at the gate in which is 
sitting Roger ! I was the only one around but before I could blink or wave 
the limo goes through the gate...on returning from my car I notice a small 
crowd round a rear gate and notice Roger signing a few things. I'm up a 
floor and notice a white limo on up the street. I rush downstairs to join 
the crowd just as Pete steps out to a chorus of "Welcome backs" !!
Now the bizarre bit - Pete's signing things, what have I got ?? - ah, a 
ticket. Give the ticket to Pete and thank him for coming back. He signs and 
I walk away in high spirits (a young guy next to me says "My life is 
complete !!") Then horror - Pete signed my car park ticket, and I have to 
put that in the machine to get out !!! Bargaining with the dopey lady at the 
carpark for a new ticket achieves nothing and I enter the Ent Cent a bit 
As The Boot said earlier it was something special - I was in the front of 
the seats (not the floor) and had a great view of the audience as well as 
the band. I was amazed to start with that the band got a standing ovation 
just for walking on !!!
All my favourites were played - the band now plays with such energy and blew 
everyone away. WGFA was thunderous and at the end I saw grown men with tears 
in their eyes - one of the most emotional things I've seen. Most of us 
hadn't seen the Who live, some have waited 35 years. The encore ripped and 
then the band took their third standing ovation of the night.
Only a couple of errors already mentioned - so what, I'm happy.
Dejectedly I then got out my signed car park ticket and watched the machine 
gobble it up !!!
Rocked on home to bed at 3.00am - distance and finance prevents me going 
again tonight, but I was mighty pleased Pete said they will come back again, 
probably on an album tour.
It was all expected and more - you lucky people in US and UK have been 
keeping something special from us !!
Anybody that can go again will, and hopefully they'll take a friend with 
them.........till next time !!!

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