Sydney2 review

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jul 30 10:24:48 CDT 2004


>It gets better and better: an outstanding show (running out of
superlatives). Two hours again with two changes: I'm One and Punk and
the Godfather rather than Drowned and 5.15.

Word before the gig was that tickets hadn't sold well but it seemed
pretty full to me (maybe off the back of the reviews of the first gig:
the coverage has been pretty positive). Pete said the reason they
hadn't been back to Australia for so long was due to the need to tour

The crowd were excellent and the band responded. Pete also told us he
used to go out with Roger's sister which made Rog laugh.

Everyone was on fire and once again Pete was stretching what he was
doing on the guitar: less of the noodling and more directed lead work.
Pino is fleshing out more and more and like the other poster said Zak
is just incredible.

It's also easy to miss what Simon and Rabbit are doing to give it a
fuller sound without tapes. Splendid stuff.

The beginning of LROM was buggered up by a faulty mike and Rog asked
to start it again: they all then proceeded to tell Rabbit he'd got the
tempo right for a change.

They seem to be enjoying it.

Melbourne tomorrow. Australians tell me it's a city of culture. Wait
till they hear The 'Oo.

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