Remember Andy, the pre-Who-show guitarist at Mansfield, MA?

Jennifer Avedian jtmulligan at
Fri Jul 30 09:24:54 CDT 2004

Some of you may remember Andy Cummings, the guy who plays pre-show parking 
lot gigs at Who shows in Mansfield, MA. He's a great musician who plays 
stuff you'd probably dig, so I'm posting this  in case you're in the MA area 
and want to check him out.

He's playing tonight at "Our Place" (formerly Joanne's Pub) on Main Street 
in Gardner, MA with a band called Face Dances. It starts at 9 PM. They play 
mostly covers of The Who, but cover other classic rock as well. They really 
rock out.

The other gig is a CD release party with his band that is reuniting after 
about 4 years. They're called The Kind, and they play mostly originals with 
some covers mixed in. They have heavy Who influences, as well as Rush and 
Phish, and they rock! They're playing at "Hooligans" (29 Blossom Street -  
off Main Street) in Fitchburg, MA on Friday, August 6. It starts at 9 PM and 
this gig should really groove!

Hope to see you there!


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