Sydney Observations

Sean Duke Cassidy modernaction at
Fri Jul 30 05:11:31 CDT 2004

There doesn't seem to be many first hand
accounts,(Mainly because none of the Faces are here!
Cept for me of course...) so I'm chiming in with my
own disjointed rundown of the events. This is a cross
post to several lists, so if you read one, you've read
them all....

I'm sure you all know the set lists by now. Matt
however has mistakenly left in the Sensation tease for
the 2nd night, It was only done on the 1st nite. Pete
did do a couple of lines from Naked Eye before Old Red
Wine on the 2nd Sydney nite. It was just thrown in,
during My Gen, and was just a couple of lines from the
chorus sang by Pete.

Rogers voice was in exceptionally fine form on the
first night. Sounded great the second nite as well,
but was really spot on 1st nite. Pete is on fire as
usual now that he really has to carry the band
musically. Lots of leaping too, sometimes a couple in
a row, and in the middle of songs too, not just at the
end of Baba! Pete seems really happy, looks like he is
really pleased to be in Oz. He's has even been signing
Autographs before and after the show!

The second nite was only half full, and the entire top
section was blacked off with curtains. Wasn't more
than 6000 people in there. Good turnout the 1st nite
though. The show is down to 2 hours with encore. Off
the top of my head, Bargain and Another Tricky Day
seem to have left us. I was a little disappointed with
the list on the 1st nite, but I have hope now that the
show was switched up a little on the 2nd nite. It was
great to hear Punk & the Godfather! It was nice to get
I'm one as a change from the 1st nite, although the
Drowned solo and E.F. back to back gave Rog's voice a
rest. Roger is noticeably playing alot more guitar, he
had a guitar on for RGLB EF WAY and TKAA 

Pino is sounding much better, and seems to be higher
in the mix too. I heard him fine on the 1st night,
from my spot in front of Rabbit in the 6th row. Second
night I was front row between Him and Rog, so I was
getting some sound direct from his cabinets. I feel he
is fitting in much better.

I suspect many of you will be happy to see that 515
was absent. It probably should have been retired with
Johns passing. Still, it was strange not to see it, as
since it's a Quad song, The Who have played it at
every other show I've seen them play, with the
exception of when I went to the CFNY

Thats it for now, there are VERY FEW traveling fans
here.....I think it's 6 of us, all Americans, and
strangely enough, all from the Bay Area! 

I'll fill you in on Melbourne on Sun.....

OKCU next week, 
Sean "Duke" Cassidy

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